Website: Cambridgeshire CFS/ME Service

Address: Administration Hub, 1 Commerce Road, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6LR
Telephone: 0330 726 0077
“The team consists of a Neuro Conditions Clinical Manager, Specialist Nurse Practitioner and three Specialist Occupational Therapists who specialise in the management of CFS/ME.  The team will aim to establish a supportive and collaborative relationship with the person with CFS/ME and their family/carers.
“The occupational therapists are specialist CFS/ME clinicians who have a wide range of skills and experience in the management of CFS/ME. They will support you to self-manage the condition in a way that is appropriate to you, providing you with the necessary skills and strategies to sustain or gradually extend, if possible, your physical, emotional and cognitive capacity and manage the physical and emotional impact of CFS/ME symptoms.”

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