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Me, Kerry, and my little dog Charlie having a day in bed together because of this awful illness


I have severe ME/CFS and this happens to me every time I leave the house, even for the smallest journey


Birthday summer 2014 aged 11 – before ME vs. Birthday summer 2017 aged 14 (2.5yrs) after ME


This is a photo of my son wanting to play monopoly at Christmas but not being able to do so because of ME. I feel it shows what it’s really …

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I am unable to carry out any form of employment or voluntary work. When I am really poorly it can be very lonely, isolating, and frustrating. During these phases I …

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I suffer with PEM, confusion, brain fog, nausea and pain in response to things like walking more than 50m or so to sitting upright too long


Me in my usual place – the settee. Been like this for 7 years now. Doctors do nothing, life changed forever.


Feeling like I’m being punished for enjoying an activity or spending time with my family. Feeling ignored by the NHS and UK Government, and being invisible to society. I feel …

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