A personal blog about my experience of living with the illness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), by Phoebe Boag I live in the Scottish Borders, not far from Edinburgh, and have had ME since 2014. My ME started as mild and eventually evolved into severe ME. Since having ME I have built up quite the collection of comorbidities, including endometriosis and chronic migraine. I am predominantly housebound. I began my blog in 2016 and my posts tend to be quite in-depth and essay-like, meaning, they are on the lengthy side! I had an unintentional two year break from late 2019 to 2021 after moving house, but I hope to begin publishing posts more frequently, if irregularly. My blog gives me a focus and I find it to be very therapeutic. It gives me a sense of purpose and self-worth that I had lost since I was forced to stop working. It allows me to communicate widely about my experience which aids my family and friends in their understanding. I’ve made friends through my blog and it has led to new writing opportunities. My blog is one very positive thing to have come from such a destructive illness.

Shorter blogs can be seen here.

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