Hi, I'm Char. I was born and raised in South Africa, lived in Italy for 10 years and then moved to the UK in 2010. Before falling ill I had a rewarding job working with disabled children, went to church twice a week, ate out with friends, exercised and regularly travelled back to Italy for holidays with my family.

In 2015 I had a viral infection from which I never recovered. I have been housebound and mostly bed-tethered since, living with my younger sister who is my full-time carer. Now, when I have a pocket of energy and symptoms allow it, I enjoy either reading, writing, making digital graphics, raising awareness on social media, drawing or painting.

I'm passionate about raising awareness of M.E. and empowering others to do the same by creating shareable graphics. Through my writing, I aim to help others adjust to their new normal after diagnosis. I hope to put into words what living with M.E. is really like so healthy people can better understand what we go through

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