Vicky Smith

  • Vicky is a dedicated employee who works closely with her colleagues to develop her personal understanding of the physical and emotional impact of ME/CFS.
  • She joined the charity in 2012 as a part-time contractor and has since become a full-time employee. For Vicky, working for the charity is deeply rewarding, especially seeing the wonderful support given to the those within the patient communities.
  • As Head of Finance and Operations, Vicky is responsible for ensuring that all statutory and company deadlines are met and for the management and operation of head office where she is based. She works closely with the Board of Trustees.
  • Beyond her professional role, Vicky is a runner and an active member of the local running club. She takes part in Parkruns and marathons and enjoys the personal challenges – and welcomes the friendships – she had gained from the running community.
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