More fundraising ideas

Here are some more fundraising ideas which you might like to consider.


  • Spread the word around… If you have access to a website, it could be useful to give your event a mention there. If you are looking for people to sponsor you in an event, you can now set up your own web page where people can read of your event and make their pledges.
  • Fly-posting is generally illegal, so identify all the local noticeboards you can and use them and, particularly if you're in a rural area, put your posters up in plenty of time. Some people use a village hall only once a month, for example, so more people will see your notice if it's up say six weeks before the event.
  • Many local radio stations have a community or charity slot where you can get a mention for free.
  • Some local newspapers will advertise for free, or at reduced rates. Is there something about your event that could form the basis of a news article? Local newspapers are always on the lookout for something to fill their columns, and often you only need go along to their offices or ring them up to get them to write something about you.


If you can't identify a suitable venue, try contacting the lettings department (or equivalent) of your local council: they should be able to provide you with a list of council-maintained halls which are suitable for hire.

Fundraising groups

Have you considered contacting your local Rotary Club, Lions or Round Table? In their efforts to help the community they often arrange fundraising activities and donate the proceeds. Local libraries hold details of these and other groups.

Make it simpler!

To help with your fundraising efforts you can now create a fundraising page on the web using The ME Association's special area at the JustGiving website.

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