Fundraising Leaflets

Fundraising not only raises essential money for the ME Association, but it can also raise vital awareness of ME/CFS and the issues faced by this community.

There is no effective treatment, and no known cure for this neurological condition, but the ME Association supports, informs, and campaigns on behalf of people who are often unable to do so themselves. We also direct resources towards improving medical education in the hope that everyone with the condition can establish beneficial relations with medical and allied health professionals.

We help improve lives while we invest directly into biomedical research, but we need your help to ensure that we can be there to give people with ME/CFS the long-term support and hope they desperately need.

We do not receive government grants or other outside assistance, and rely solely on the generosity of our members, donors, and fundraisers to keep us doing what we do best.

The free leaflets below can help in your fundraising efforts. If you require any additional support then please email our fundraiser Tony Britton or phone 07946 760811.

Please note these free leaflets are downloads. You can read them on-screen and save to your computer, phone, or other device. You will need access to a printer if you wish them printed but you can contact Tony (above) who will happily arrange for supplies to be sent from head office if required.

  • FUNDRAISING SUPPLIES AND SUPPORT CHECKLIST for general use during the year

    We will be delighted to supply free kit to both your principal fundraisers and to people who turn out to support you on the day – so don’t be shy to ask! If you’ve any doubt on this score, please contact me for further information.

  • FUNDRAISING SUPPLIES AND SUPPORT CHECKLIST for use in the Go Blue for ME annual campaign

    We have a range of posters, leaflets and other supplies to help your fundraising and to help you explain ME to others. Please complete this form and return it to us - by post if you like or, to get quicker results, by emailing a scan of the completed form to me and we’ll try to get the supplies out to you by return.

  • ME Association - Go the Extra Mile for ME!

    How you choose to fundraise for the ME Association is entirely up to you. We are here to provide support and encouragement and to help put the FUN into fundraising. This leaflet will help you decide how you want to raise funds.

  • ME Association – About Us – What we do and why we do it

    This free leaflet has been written by Neil Riley, Chairman of the ME Association. It provides an overview of what we do as a national charity, who we are, and how we try to meet the needs of the ME/CFS community in the UK. It explains how we support, inform, campaign, and invest in biomedical research.

  • ME Association – ME Hurts!

    This leaflet carries factual information and comments from people with ME/CFS and their loved ones, who explain what it feels like to have an often-misunderstood neurological disease.

  • ME Association – Research Summary – The Pathology of ME/CFS

    This Free factsheet provides a summary of what biomedical research is telling us about ME/CFS. It considers key symptoms, common triggers, and explains emerging evidence of disease pathology.

  • ME Association – The Ramsay Research Fund

    The ME Association believes that investment in biomedical research is a key priority and we have invested more than £1million in recent years.

  • ME Association – The Telephone Helpline

    We deal with each person individually, in a sensitive and professional manner. Every communication is kept completely confidential. ME Connect is staffed by a fully trained and supervised team of volunteers – most of whom have personal experience of ME/CFS. CALL ME CONNECT 0344 576 5326. Available 365 days a year, between: 10am-12noon, 2pm-4pm, 7pm-9pm

  • ME Association – What you need to know about ME/CFS

    Myalgic encephalopathy/encephalomyelitis (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome) or ME/CFS is a complex multisystem disease with a wide range of disabling symptoms. This Free Factsheet provides information to help in the understanding of ME/CFS, its symptoms and management options.

  • ME/CFS/PVFS – Your Questions Answered

    Topics discussed in this leaflet, include: Nomenclature – a disease of many names, Who gets ME/CFS/PVFS, How does ME/CFS start, What marks ME/CFS out from other causes of chronic fatigue and more

  • NICE Clinical Guideline on ME/CFS – A Summary of the 2020 Draft

    This highlights the main points from the new draft guideline as they could prove helpful when in discussion with primary or secondary care providers ahead of the guidelines final publication.

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