Unprecedented demand for information about Employment and ME

At a time of such great economic uncertainty, we’re getting an unprecedented number of inquiries about the work-place rights of people with ME/CFS  – many of whom, particularly if they had to take time off work because of their illness, are worried about whether they will still have jobs in the near future.

‘How can they say I murdered Lynn when I loved her so much?

From the Daily Mail, 28 January 2010 (Story by Gill Swain) Only after her daughter drew her last breath, says Kay Gilderdale, did she finally collapse sobbing, flinging herself across Lynn’s body as she clung to the only thought that brought her any comfort: this is what my daughter wanted. 

Kay Gilderdale: the beginning of the rest of her life

From the Daily Telegraph, 27 January 2010 (Story by Neil Tweedie) Kay Gilderdale is beginning the rest of her life. For the first time in 18 years she has experienced something like relief, the shadow cast by her daughter’s tormented life, and the traumatic manner of its end, lifted at last.

Kay Gilderdale walks free from court

A jury today cleared Kay Gilderdale of attempting to murder to daughter. The charge of assisting in her daughter’s suicide was not proceeded with. She has left Lewes Crown Court a free woman. More later…

Kay Gilderdale trial: closing speeches

From the Daily Telegraph, 23 January 2010. (Story by Caroline Gammell) A mother, Kay Gilderdale, accused of murdering her chronically ill daughter Lynn after a failed suicide bid begged her not to kill herself and spent 30 hours trying to ease her pain, a court heard.


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