Our Big Give Christmas Challenge begins at midday today (Tuesday, November 30)

November 30, 2021

This is a reminder that the ME Association will launch our annual Christmas Appeal at midday today (Tuesday, November 30).

Once again, we'll be using the full force of the Big Give Christmas Challenge to try and raise lots of money for our Ramsay Research Fund, where fundraising fell away quite dramatically during the pandemic.

The Big Give is the heavyweight champion of the UK when it comes to delivering fundraising campaigns where donors can ’Double Their Donations’.

We already have £20,000 waiting to be doubled up in the matched funding pot – made up from £12,500 pledged by the MEA’s own supporters and £7,500 from The Reed Foundation, one of the corporate sponsors of the Christmas Challenge.

The Challenge is being held entirely online from midday today until midday on Tuesday, 7th December. It's getting lots of welly on our website and social media.

Even after we’ve used up the matched-funding pots, well-wishers can still donate to the appeal. We’d love to end up with at least £50,000 by midday on 7th December. It can be done!

Supporters who pledged a total £12,500 for matched funding should hang on to their money until our fundraising manager Tony Britton asks you to redeem your pledges immediately AFTER the public appeal has closed. Our pledgers should not take part in the week-long public appeal.

We’d like to thank The Reed Foundation for their support. It is Sir Alec Reed’s own charity. He set up the Big Give as a major philanthropic portal 15 years ago. So far, It has raised £156m for Britain’s charities.

And we’d like to thank everybody for taking part in the Christmas Challenge – whether you are a pledger or a donor on the day.

Donate below from 30th November to 7th December

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