Big Give Christmas Challenge

July 19, 2021

The ME Association have launched the first part of our annual Big Give Christmas Challenge. 

This year, we want to raise £50,000 to top up our Ramsay Research Fund, where fundraising fell away quite dramatically during the pandemic.

To help us get there, we first need to find some amazing supporters who are prepared to pledge a minimum of £100 to set up the matched funding pot. 

If all goes well, we could be on the way to a record-breaking ‘Double Your Donation' Appeal.

We are now in the ‘pledging phase’ of the campaign when we ask people to help us build up the matched funding pot before the public appeal starts at midday on ‘Giving Tuesday’ (30th November).

Launched at the end of last week, supporters have so far put £2,900 into the pot.

The pledge will be for a minimum of £100 – or anything more than that. Please pledge what you know you will be able to afford. Pledges can only be accepted through the link below.

The public appeal will last for seven days until midday on 7th December, after which the pledges become due for payment.

Pledgers must not pay up before the due date. If by mistake they do, their pledge falls out of the matched funding pot and it will then be treated as a normal donation which cannot then be used to double up other people’s donations.

We will be in touch with all pledgers immediately after the public appeal in order to collect payment.

We’d dearly like to see £12,500 in the matched funding pot before the pledging deadline of 27th August. The Big Give will then ask their corporate supporters to put in a similar amount. This could mean that, come the start of the public appeal on 30th November, there could be £25,000 available in the pot for doubling up.

Can you help us get there?

For details of the appeal, please visit here and the pledging Terms and Conditions are here.

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