The Eighth Edition of our clinical and research masterwork is published today | 1 June 2016

June 1, 2016

PB 2016, front cover copy 2

The Eighth Edition of ME/CFS/PVFS: An Exploration of the Key Clinical Issues – the ME Association's clinical and research masterwork – is published today. Our first task will be to post out copies to everybody who has been waiting for it for so long.

The postie will be staggering under the weight of almost 600 copies as staff in our Buckingham office stuff his mailbags with pre-ordered copies, which will take a couple of days to get out. They're going out with a covering note from co-author and MEA medical adviser, Dr Charles Shepherd, who comments:

“We hope that you will find the new booklet easier to read and understand as well as it being a very comprehensive guide to all the current key findings relating to research, diagnosis and management of ME/CFS.”

He explains that more content and references were included than was initially envisaged. There was also a far more detailed revision of existing material – including more explanations for non-professional readers – than planned. And the publication was completely redesigned.

Indeed, the first thing that regular readers will notice that this is no longer the ME Association's ‘Purple booklet'. With an increase in text pages from 52 to 132, it now qualifies to be considered as a book in its own right – complete with perfect binding.

We've increased the price for all future orders from £6 to UK readers to a modest £8, which covers print costs and postal charges. People placing orders from overseas should email our office at or phone +44 1280 818 968 for price details.

The book – as ever – is intended to be an invaluable guide to the illness for GPs and other healthcare professionals and we remain very happy to send out a complimentary copy to your own healthcare provider. Email if you would like us to do this for you.

To order a copy online, please click on this link:

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