Singer-songwriter Chlay turns up the volume for the ME Association

May 3, 2011

Singer-songwriter Chlay Esmae from Devon has relaunched her song ‘Silently' as a charity single to raise money for the ME Association.

Chlay went down with ME seven years ago after a couple of bouts of glandular fever. She hopes that her 79p downloads of the song will help swell MEA coffers during May which is ME Awareness Month.

Her father, Kevin Patmore, writes:

Chlay with the help of friends and family is using her very popular blog –, which receives in excess of 9,000 hits per day, three million in its first year – to tell her readers about ME Awareness week.

To help raise money Chlay is giving profits from her charity single ‘Silently’ to the ME Association for the second year.

Chlay is also having a give-away competition via her blog and has been given some wonderful prizes from businesses who want to help in the campaign. The competition runs through Awareness week until the end of May when the winners will be announced on her blog.

Chlay has made a necklace with a golden Almond pendant which represents, what a hard nut to crack the issues surrounding M. E. are. Some of the pendants are prizes in the give-away, but they may be purchased for £2.00 with profits going to The ME Association.

Chlay has sent posters and a covering letter to; Lorraine at Daybreak TV which has been acknowledged, all of BBC radio 6, Exeter FM, local businesses and newspapers.

Chlay is sending The ME Association a cheque for £100 which represents all last years sales from the single and album on itunes and Amazon.

I have attached a poster for you which could be printed in your next edition along with an update about Chlay’s fund raising efforts.

Lastly, Chlay has just made a new video which will be on youtube very soon.

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