Parliamentary Question, Scotland: evaluation of a Wellness Enhancement Learning programme for ME/CFS

December 14, 2010

Scotland's minister for health and wellbeing, Nicola Sturgeon, mentioned the evaluation of what she called a “Wellness Enhancement Learning Programme” for people with ME/CFS when she provided a written answer on December 9.

She was replying to Rhona Brankin (Labour MSP for Midlothian), who has asked the Scottish Executive what action was being taken to implement an integrative care approach for people with long term conditions.

Nicola Sturgeon replied:

The insights and principles gathered through the development of an integrative care approach to long term conditions management have helped inform our Long Term Conditions Action Plan and our Quality Strategy, with their emphasis on person-centredness and compassion, and a holistic approach to people’s healthcare needs.

Through the work of our Lead Clinician for Integrative Care, we have been supporting the use of people’s experiences and outcomes to develop Wellness Enhancement Learning (WEL) Programmes and staff training programmes that provide an integrative approach. More information on WEL can be found at

One of our Lead Clinician’s specific objectives has been to produce an evaluation of the WEL programme for people with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), as a way of encouraging its wider availability.

Our Long Term Conditions Action Plan includes a commitment to produce guidance on supporting people towards developing services that help promote people’s capacity for self-healing and recovery. Regular reports on progress with that action are provided to the Long Term Conditions Programme Board by our Lead Clinician for Integrative Care.

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