NICE Guideline review: new information from NICE, dated 23 December 2010.

December 24, 2010

During the public consultation on NICE’s review proposal for clinical guideline 53 on the diagnosis and management of CFS/ME, a number of stakeholders advised that the results of the PACE Trial are due to be published in 2011. As this significant trial may affect NICE’s final decision regarding whether its existing guideline warrants an update, NICE is deferring its announcement until further information is available. This is so that the conclusions made by NICE are as accurate and informed as possible. In the interests of high quality patient care, it is important that health professionals continue to adhere to the existing recommendations as they represent best clinical practice for the NHS.

2 thoughts on “NICE Guideline review: new information from NICE, dated 23 December 2010.”

  1. Bias at every turn.

    NICE considered the retrovirus research into MLV-related retroviruses (Which XMRV is) to be outside their remit! So they bash on as usual with a guideline that harms people.

    But the fraudulent PACE trial has the power to influence. Simply because the Government funded it.

    You cannot ignore the scientific facts any longer. The supposed ‘treatments’ outlined in the PACE trial caused physical harm to those with ME. No longer will patients, careers are expert doctors let you pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

  2. The NICE guideline recommended “treatments” of CBT & GET erode confidence, on the part of the pharmaceuticals industry, to invest in proper biomedical treatments, because the manufacturers realise that the market for their products is being magically manipulated out of existence !
    This has already caused one pharmaceutical company to abandon clinical trials on a promising therapeutic drug.

    Please MEA, take a firm position against the PACE trial and continue to lobby for a complete overhaul of NICE clinical guideline 53.

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