NICE Guideline Review: short consultation period

November 5, 2010

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has just published a provisional decision regarding a possible three year review of the controversial guideline on ME/CFS that has been in place since August 2007.

The decision – which is available for stakeholder consultation and comment until 14 November – concludes by stating:

  • The guideline should not be updated at this time.
  • The guideline will be reviewed again according to current processes.

Registered stakeholders for the ME/CFS guideline, including The ME Association, have been invited to comment on the provisional review decision via the NICE website.

Individuals and organisations who are not registered as stakeholders, but who still wish to comment, can do so by registering as a stakeholder or by contacting a registered stakeholder organisation that most closely represents their interests and passing on their comments to them.

If anyone wishes to pass on any observations on this provisional decision to The MEA please send them to us via by Wednesday 10 November.

MEA trustees will then assess the situation, along with any responses we have received, and decide on what action to take.

More information on the reasoning behind this provisional decision, along with the new research papers that were taken into account when making it, can be found in the review consultation document.produced by the Centre for Clinical Practice.

The ME Association
2 November 2010

1 thought on “NICE Guideline Review: short consultation period”

  1. Why was the recent Dundee study on children not included? Never mind Lombardi et al. & Lo et al. which found MLV-related retroviruses in patients? Or is this type of research beyond the qualifications of those on the Guideline development group?

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