Headaches and digital sound – can you help?

November 1, 2010

One of our members has asked if anyone with a similar problem with digital sound can offer some advice. Please reply through our ME Connect email service.

Headaches from digital sound

I was diagnosed with ME in 1984 and was off work for  six months. My energy came back gradually and, after a couple of years, I felt I was more or less back to normal. However, I had some continuing problems, the most persistent of which related to sounds.

If I was in a room with a fan. I soon developed an severe headache. If I drove for more than an hour, feelings of ME symptoms reappeared about a day later. These effects have gradually reduced but not disappeared.

More recently I found, to my dismay, that music from CDs played from a hi-fi source brought on a troublesome headache, and now I discover that the digital television I have just bought creates that effect and will have to be returned.

I wonder if anyone else has suffered in the same way and, if so, whether there is a solution?

xxxx xxxxxxxxxx, Edinburgh

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