Direct Payments and Self-Directed Support (SDS) – can you help?

November 26, 2010

One of our members is having difficulties with social services in relation to direct payments and self-directed support.

This is a summary of the problems that are occurring:

When I applied I made it clear that I wanted direct payments. I was told that this was fine and was initially awarded 30 hrs although this now seems to have gone down to 18 3/4 hours with no explanation.

It is hopeless trying to get any information from the adult care team as they do not answer questions or say something different every time. Since applying I have now been told that direct payments no longer exist for new applicants and it is now SDS (self-directed support). Despite asking they have not given any information on this but I think it is very similar to how direct payments work.

I am now seeking information from other people about their experiences with SDS. I appreciate that every case is different but in order to be able to write a support plan the main things we need to know are:

– What can SDS be used for?

– How many hours is it realistic to ask for in the different areas: e.g. in the initial document the team set out all of the hours to be on bed baths and help to the toilet apart from 2 hrs a week on social activities which they put down as someone doing shopping for me. With being stuck in bed almost all of the time it would be great if I could have some social time that someone actually spends with me – so I need to know how many hours is realistic to apply for as I was told at the assessment that if you put the wrong amount the whole package will be refused.

Is there anyone reading this who is receiving self-directed support who would be willing to help?

If so, please let us know via and we will forward your reply to our member.

Thank you

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