Parliamentary Question: health service provision for ME/CFS/blood ban

October 27, 2010

Another parliamentary question related to the November 1 blood ban was tabled by David Anderson (Labour MP for Blaydon).

He asked the Health Secretary if he will review the level of multidisciplinary team provision for ME/CFS to take account of the decision not to receive blood from people with the illness.

In a written answer provided on 26 October, Minister of State for Care Services Paul Burstow replied:

The ban on blood donations from those living with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgicencephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), to be introduced from 1 November 2010, is a precautionary measure. At the moment there is no clear evidence for the cause of CFS/ME, and health professionals should continue to use their clinical judgment to provide health and social care based on existing guidelines.

Links to answers to previous PQs on the subject tabled by Mr Anderson:

October 21

October 20

1 thought on “Parliamentary Question: health service provision for ME/CFS/blood ban”

  1. They treat the symptoms of other physical diseases which are relapsing remitting with an unknown cause, such as Parkinson’s or MS. So how can the NHS and our Government continue to deny the same to ME patients? This practice is unethical and the prejudice needs to stop.

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