XMRV and blood donation: Canada, UK and USA

April 7, 2010

Countries round the world are starting to reconsider their policies on taking blood donations from people with ME/CFS following the recent accouncement from the Whittemore Peterson Institute in Nevada about the XMRV virus.


The Canadian Blood Service has now announced that people with ME/CFS should not donate blood.

It is not clear from this report whether the Canadian ban also applies to people who have recovered from ME/CFS.


The position in the UK, as clarified in correspondence between The ME Association and Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer, is that people with ME/CFS should not donate blood until their condition has resolved and they are feeling well.

MEA letter to the Chief Medical Officer, in which we asked for this advice to be extended to people who have recovered from ME/CFS.

Reply from CMO

The latest statement on UK blood donation and XMRV was in response to a House of Commons question from David Drew MP,  Dr Charles Shepherd's parliamentary representative in Stroud.


Information relating to the position in the USA.
Elsewhere in the world:

Please let us know if you have any firm information regarding blood donation restrictions or bans relating to ME/CFS in other countries.  We will then add this information to the next MEA summary.

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