Letter from NHS Surrey about the closure of the Woking Community Hospital chronic fatigue service

April 6, 2010

The ME Association have received the following letter from Surrey PCT regarding the Chronic Fatigue Service at Woking Community Hospital. Before replying, we would be grateful for comments from anyone with ME/CFS who has used this chronic fatigue service.  Please use our ME Connect email service.

Dr Charles Shepherd
Hon Medical Adviser, The ME Association

25 March 2010

Chronic Fatigue Service, Woking Community Hospital, Heathside Road, Woking, Surrey

NHS Surrey has recently conducted a comprehensive review of all Intermediary Services, including Tier 2 Services. Providers have been requested to complete an evaluation questionnaire and attend a panel interview with the PCT. Providers are being judged against criteria of quality, innovation and value for money.

Following the panel interview with the team who currently provide a Chronic Fatigue service from Woking Community Hospital, the Intermediary Review panel have made the decision to decommission the existing service from the 30th June 2010.

There were several areas of concern raised by the panel members that lead to this decision:

1.    The lack of clinical governance and supervision in the service.  

2.    The isolation of the service with no clear links into mental health services, community providers or   local Consultants.                                         

3.    The suitability of the referral criteria.  

4.    The lack of quantifiable quality and outcomes measures.

5.    The implementation of the IAPT programme and the clear NHS Policy of equity of primary care services.

We have written to all GPs to ensure that they are aware of the cessation of this service and would ask that you update your records to reflect these changes.

With kind regards

Karen Parsons, Associate Director, Commissioning and Primary Care Contracting, NHS Surrey.


The ME Association are keen to hear from anyone who has been seen at this service, or is affected by the decommissioning.

Please contact The MEA through the ME Connect email service: meconnect@meassociation.org.uk







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