Please sign a petition calling for more chairs to be provided in shops

March 26, 2010

We are pleased to be supporting an online petition launched by Amanda Skinner, from Edenbridge in Kent, which is calling for more chairs to be provided in shops.

Amanda, who was severely iniured in a road accident six years ago, says:

“Things like shopping that are so easy to ‘normal' people become a bit of a nightmare and bad experience when I need to sit and rest. Some shops don't have any seats, so I have to forget what I'm doing and leave the shop to find the nearest seat.

“I am writing to ask if you would be able to help by signing my online petition. It's very important to me snd many others too, I'm sure.”

If anyone with ME would like to take part in a photoshoot in support of the petition, please get in touch with our publicity manager Tony Britton. The idea would be to find a shop near you where you could sit down in comfort and have your photo taken!


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