Memory problems? Then please contact the boffins at the University of East London

Do you forget to return that phone call? Forget appointments? Has it become worse since you were diagnosed with ME? The Chronic Illness Research Team (CIRT) at the University of East London, led by Professor Christine Dancey, has already published work which showed a small group of people with ME had some specific memory problems. They now wish to investigate further.

Memory problems are often not taken seriously by health professionals. This research may well advance the understanding of the problems faced by people with ME.

Participants will be visited in their home (or they can come to the University). The tasks required are interesting and fun, eg there’s a computerised version of a board game. There are also questionnaires.

Staff always report back the results of our study to participants and all the studies have ethical approval.

CIRT is an ME-friendly team, which includes staff who have been diagnosed with ME. They do not carry out research investigating the causes or triggers of ME, as they believe – as psychologists – these are medical and therefore not within their remit.

If you are interested in taking part in this particular study, or in future studies, please contact:


Fax: 0208 223 4937

or write to: CIRT, School of Psychology, University of East London, Stratford Campus, Water Lane, London, E15 4LZ.

Contact with the group does not commit readers to participating. The team will send out further details about the study, along with a pre-paid envelope.


0344 576 5326

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