Further research into muscle abnormalities in ME/CFS: Journal of Internal Medicine

March 30, 2010

Journal of Internal Medicine, Volume 267, Number 4, April 2010 , pp. 394-401(8)

A new research paper, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, provides further evidence of an abnormality in the way in which skeletal muscle produces and handles lactic acid during exercise along with how this abnormality may be linked to the autonomic nervous system.

The authors conclude:


‘Patients with CFS/ME have abnormalities in recovery of intramuscular pH following standardised exercise which is related to autonomic dysfunction.  The study identifies a novel biological abnormality in patients with CFS/ME which is potentially open to modification.'


These findings link in with another research study into muscle that is being funded by the MEA Ramsay Research Fund.  This research is also being conducted by Professor Julia Newton and colleagues at the University of Newcastle.  More information on this study can be found in the research section of the MEA Board of Trustees summary for the meeting held on 22 – 23 March 2010.


JoIM research abstract


More information on muscle abnormalities, including other lactic acid studies in ME/CFS, can be found in Section 5:3 of ME/CFS/PVFS – An Exploration of the Key Clinical Issues (published by MEA, October 2009)


More information on the work of the MEA Ramsay Research Fund

March MEA Board of Trustees Summary

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