Unprecedented demand for information about Employment and ME

January 29, 2010

At a time of such great economic uncertainty, we're getting an unprecedented number of inquiries about the work-place rights of people with ME/CFS  – many of whom, particularly if they had to take time off work because of their illness, are worried about whether they will still have jobs in the near future.

While unfortunately we can't solve all the worries of the world, our medical adviser Dr Charles Shepherd has written a leaflet called ‘Employment and ME' which takes a very thorough look at all the issues concerned.

ME is a qualifying condition under the Disability Discrimination Act, and the leaflet explains the rights of working people under the Act. It looks at the types of practical and financial help which may be available. And it discusses how best to approach your employers about stopping work or cutting back hours, keeping in touch with colleagues while off sick, and negotiating a possible return to work.

We also have another leaflet ‘Obtaining an Ill Health Pension', written for people needing some guidance about how to make out the best of a claim on any permanent health insurance policy (or indeed for people with ME/CFS who are thinking about signing up to the company pension scheme). This leaflet comes with our notes on ‘Prognosis and Permanency', written to explain to employers and their representatives just what your chances may be of ever getting back to work.

The leaflets can be obtained from The ME Association by using our downloadable ORDER FORM. Click HERE to find the form.

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