Reminder – online streamed discussion with Dr Judy Mikovits and Annette Whittemore tonight (January 22)

January 22, 2010

Quick reminder – Dr Judy Mikovits, whose team at the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease in Nevada reported last October that they had discovered a heavy prevalence of XMRV virus in blood samples taken from people with ME/CFS, will discuss the findings before a live audience tonight, beginning at 10pm UK time. The discussion will be available as a streamed live discussion available through the ProHealth website, or later on a ‘Listen Again' link.

The discussion will be chaired by Annette Whittemore, founder and president of the WPI, who will take questions after Dr Mikovits' talk.

And the organiser of the  ‘Just Four Quid' website in the UK – which aims to raise £1 million for physical research into ME in the course of a year – is recommending another another online event.

She writes:

“US expert in ME/CFS Dr Lucinda Bateman gave a lecture on Monday in Utah, sponsored by the CFIDS Association and, through the miracle that is the internet, you can now see it on YouTube, though admittedly in nine separate bits. The first section is here (and it’s a quick matter of searching to get the rest).

“It’s worth it, though – it’s a fascinating talk on the state of play of XMRV research and the other research that’s going on. Part 5 includes a particularly jaw-dropping graph showing levels of some potential biomarkers in ME/CFS patients compared to controls after intense exercise. It’s so extraordinary that it ended up on the front cover of the scientific journal in which it was published. See if you can look at it and not gasp in amazement!”

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