‘Microbial infections in eight genonic subtypes of CFS/ME – new paper published 2 December 2009

December 3, 2009

A research team led by Dr Jonathan Kerr at George's Hospital Medical School, University of London, has successfully replicated their earlier findings which revealed abnormal expression of 88 human genes in patients with ME/CFS. This new study showed similar results in blood samples taken from 61 new patients.

The latest study – ‘Microbial infections in eight genomic subtypes of CFS/ME' – was published in the free online access journal published by the Journal of Clinical Pathology on 2 December 2009.

Dr Kerr and 10 co-authors reported:

“We set out to determine whether these finding were reproducible in fresh subjects, whether the previously reported dysregulation of these genes also occured in drug-free patients with endogenous depression, and whether there was a relationship between particular microbial infections and CFS/ME genonic subtype.

“Results shows that these findings are reproducible, and that gene expression in endogenous depression patients was markedly different to that in CFS/E patients, and was similar to that in the normal controls, in terms of these 88 human genes. Also clustering of gene data revealed eight genonic subtypes with distinct clinical differences, and several of these had interesting associations with particular microbial infections.”

The collaborators who signed up to the article included Dr Selwyn Richards, clinical lead of the Dorset ME/CFS Service and New York ME/CFS specialist Dr Derek Enlander, together with specialists from cellular and molecular medicine, psychopharmacology, rheumatology, infectious diseases, respiratory medicine and environmental/occupational medicine.

The full article is available for downloading here.

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