Further evidence of muscle tissue abnormality in some people with ME/CFS

December 18, 2009

Professor Julia Newton and colleagues, at the University of Newcastle, are currently being funded by the ME Association's Ramsay Research Fund to investigate possible abnormalities in the way in which energy is produced in skeletal muscle. More information on this MEA-funded research study can be found in the Summer issue of ME Essential magazine.  

 An on-line paper published in the Journal of  Internal Medicine contains the results from some overlapping work that this group are doing on muscle energy metabolism.  The results provide further evidence that some people with ME/CFS have an abnormality in the way they deal with the build up of lactic acid in muscle that is produced during exercise.. 
An abstract of the on-line paper – Abnormalities in pH Handling by Peripheral Muscle and Potential Regulation by the Autonomic Nervous System in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. David EJ Jones. 2009; Journal of Internal Medicine –can be found here.
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