Richmond and Kingston ME Group is asking for examples of good practice

November 12, 2009

Examples of good practice where the health service has been involved in providing care in the home or local community to people with ME/CFS are being requested by Richmond and Kingston ME Group in south London – to be used in a local health care campaign.

Group secretary Nicky Handcock asks if other local groups can let her have details of any domiciliary services which have impressed them by Tuesday next week (November 17).

Nicky writes: “I am looking for examples of any description, whether it be services that a particular group offers, specific help with severely afflicted people, assistance for younger people, assistance in the home, assistance with transport, or whatever might come to mind.  If you could let me have any examples I would be most grateful.”

Some of the information supplied may be used in the next Richmond and Kingston ME Group newsletter.

To send information, please use Nicky's email.

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