Richmond and Kingston ME Group carry out local survey

October 16, 2009

People living in the Richmond and Kingston area on the Greater London and Surrey borders are invited to take part in a survey being run by the local ME support group. 

The survey is being run by Richmond and Kingston ME Group to help them get a fix on what people with ME/CFS want to get out of their local services and what they think of some of the treatments that are now in vogue for the illness. The results will be used in some hard campaigning in the months ahead.

On treatments and therapies, the survey covers similar ground to the ME Association's 2008 postal questionaire and online survey – believed to have attracted the highest number of responses ever to an opinion survey among people with the illness.

The survey has four sections. The first is about the age, sex and illness severity of the participants. The next asks questions about the local group and whether people use its email chat forum. The third looks at health more widely, and lists the most recent treatments included in the MEA survey, while the final section asks about people's experiences with welfare and benefits.

Dr Megan Arroll, a researcher who is leading the Richmond and Kingston survey, said it was open to anyone in the area to complete whether or not they were a member of the group. For those who cannot use the internet, there are paper copies of the questionnaire available to be sent out by post. And the group has some very limited funds to help people complete the form either over the phone or through home visits.

To fill in the questionnaire on line, please click here.

To obtain a copy through the post, please email Dr Megan Arroll.


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