‘Teenager took his life after suffering years of ill health’

August 4, 2009

From the Eastbourne Herald, 31 July 2009

A TEENAGER took his own life after struggling to come to terms with having ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

Guy Ramsey was diagnosed with the condition when he was 12 and as a result had to take time off school and was often in pain. ME/CFS is a condition that causes marked long-term fatigue, pain and other symptoms.

An inquest into the 18-year-old's death at Eastbourne Magiatrates Court heard that he had previously taken an overdose and ws desperate to get better.

His body was found at the foot of cliffs at Beachy Head after two visitors to the area saw the art and design student jump from the cliff edge in February this year.

A statement read out on behalf of Guy's mother, Alison Ramsey, who attended the inquest, explained that he would often become withdrawn and irritable.

The inquest heard that Guy, who lived at Chedworth House, Avon Buildings, in Boscombe, Dorset, took an overdose in July 2007 and was taken to hospital.

The casualty doctor said he would look into arranging an out-patient appointment. Guy's condition improved during that summer and he started at college in September that year.

But his mother said the following summer he began to deteriorate physically and mentally after suffering problems with his eyesight.

The statement added that Guy, who was interested in computer animation, tried a number of treatment such as acupuncture and a natural light box to help his condition.

It added, "I used to see Guy every evening between 6 and 7pm when I came home from work. I used to sit with him for one or two hours.

"I said how much I loved him and how proud I was of him but he said he was fed up and wanted to get better."

She last saw her son on the evening of February 23 and became concerned when she returned home the following day and Guy was not there.

She then saw a text message on her phone that read, "Sorry mum, I had to do it, you will find a note under my computer, I have taken my last breath at Beachy Head".

A suicide note was found in his room.

The inquest heard that Guy was seen at Beachy Head by Geoffrey Robson from Cambridge who had travelled to the coast with a friend to take part in the activity base-jumping.

They saw Guy at the cliff with a camera and asked if he wanted to take photos of them base jumping. After agreeing to do so the friends then got ready to set up and saw Guy hurl himself off the cliff top. Pieces of maps and a note with train times on were found in a rucksack at the cliff edge.

A post mortem gave the cause of his death as multiple injuries. Assistant deputy coroner Kate Palmer recorded a verdict of suicide.

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