Forward ME Group: minutes of meeting dated Wednesday 8 July

July 21, 2009

Minutes of the last meeting of the Forward ME Group, which was held at the House of Lords under the Chairmanship of the Countess of Mar, have now been posted on the Group's website:

NB:  There are some important statements in these minutes from the two representatives of the CFS/ME Clinical and Research Network Collaborative (CNRCC)  – Drs Esther Crawley and Hazel O'Dowd – relating to children's services, services for the severely affected, out-of-area referrals, exclusion criteria at the NHS clinics, the NICE guideline, and the role of deconditioning as a perpetuating factor in ME/CFS.
Among other topics discussed at this meeting was the Lightning Process and the new MRC Expert Group on ME/CFS research.
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