Scottish Parliament: question about NHS services for people with ME/CFS

June 9, 2009

A brief update on NHS service provision for people with ME/CFS in Scotland was given by health minister Nicola Sturgeon in the form of a written answer on June 4.

In answer to SNP member Willie Coffey, who wanted to know what additional services have been established since February 2003, the health minister replied:

"Service developments since February 2003 include the employment of a CFS/ME nurse specialist in NHS Fife and the development of a CFS/ME assessment clinic in NHS Lothian. A programme for people with CFS/ME has also been developed by the Centre for Integrative Care at the Homeopathic Hospital, Glasgow. We are funding an evaluation of that programme to help promote its dissemination.

"In order to encourage further progress in the development of services, we commissioned the Scottish Public Health Network (SPHN) to undertake a needs assessment for CFS/ME, and last month it issued a draft for consultation. It contains recommendations on a proposed model of care for Scotland, including the development of a Managed Clinical Network approach to ME-CFS (to use the Network’s preferred terminology).

"In tandem with the needs assessment, we have also provided Action for ME with funding to produce a first edition of a Good Practice Statement on ME-CFS. This is intended to help general practitioners with the management of ME/CFS until such time as the evidence base allows the development of a clinical guideline by the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network."

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