National recognition for the Just Four Quid campaign

June 3, 2009


The ‘Just Four Quid' campaign which is raising money for biomedical research into ME is featured this week on Britain's biggest website for online fundraising as a source of inspiration for charity fundraisers.

Just Four Quid aims to raise £1 million over the space of a year for the ME Association's Ramsay Research Fund and ME Research UK through weekly money-saving tips. Supporters are asked to donate a bit of what they save on a regular basis.

And the whizzkids at the website have picked this week's tip – saving money by making your own greetings cards –  as a good example on what's on offer.

"Here's an idea", they say. "Get free money saving tips from and give some of what you save back to charity.

"There will be a different credit crunch-friendly tip on the website every week. This week’s tip could help you save £40 a year and inspires you to get creative into the bargain… "

And in her daily blog at the Just Four Quid campaign, the organiser writes:

"Greetings cards! What a rip-off! £2.50 for a bit of card with a picture on it that cost pennies to print. It’s just wrong! Wrong! As a friend of mine’s granny used to say: “Don’t encourage them in it!”

"Indeed, let’s not; let’s make our own instead. It’s easy and costs peanuts. Just think – if you send birthday cards to ten people a year and buy your cards in WH Smith or similar, that’s costing you about £20 to £25 a year; and if you send, say, 30 Xmas cards at 50p each, that’s another £15. Forty quid a year on cards! Nooooooo!

"So, in good time for Fathers’ Day (Sunday 21 June, don’t get caught out), let’s make some. I’ve made most of my cards for years by glueing pictures onto card blanks. My cards look so good that friends often frame them and they cost about 10p each including the envelope."

Ordinary donations are also welcome, at any time. If you would like to put some money into the Ramsay Research Fund's Just Four Quid account, please click here.




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