Latest contact information for NHS services in England (Romford, Middlesborough, Wigan and Leigh)

June 10, 2009

Latest contact details for the national inpatient service for people with ME/CFS at the Essex Neurosciences Unit at the Queen's Hospital, Romford, Essex, are now available on this website. The entry also contains contact details for their outpatient and rehabilitation services. Please click on the ‘Quick Link' button entitled ‘NHS specialist services in England'.

The services led by consultant neurologist Professor Leslie Findley also have a new website. Click here to find it.

The eight-bed inpatient unit is the only one of its type in the UK.

Our listing of NHS specialist services also includes contact information for the new adult service covering South Teesside at the James Cook University Hospital, Middlesborough, where there is now funding in place for a year's trial, and the adult service for Wigan and Leigh at Leigh Infirmary, Lancashire. The service in Middlesborough is based on a long-standing ME/CFS service offered by consultant physician in infectious diseases Dr Brendan McCarron.

We would welcome feedback about the list – particularly if visitors spot any errors or where additions are required. Please use our ME Connect email address.

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