Royal Society meeting – ME and CFS, hearing the patient’s voice, July 11

May 6, 2009

The Royal Society of Medicine is now taking bookings for the latest in its series of Medicine and ME meetings on "ME and CFS – Hearing the patient's voice" which will be held at 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G OAE on Saturday, July 11. The arrangements have been a joint collaboration with The ME Association, Action for ME, the Association for Young People with ME (AYME), The 25% ME Group for severe sufferers, and the Young ME Sufferers Trust.

The half-day meeting starting with registration and coffee at 12.15pm is designed specifically for patients, and will bring them together with carers, advocates, patient support groups, clinicians and researchers to discuss care and research issues. The aim is to have not more than 30% of healthcare professionals and researchers in the audience.

This meeting will focus on the difficulties and delays in diagnosis, ME and CFS in children and adolescents, the existing range of treatments, and the latest research and its impact on the development of new, disease-modifying treatments.

Subjects will include:

Diagnosis: the patient's perspective (Jez Harding, of Jez Harding Consulting Ltd, London)

A rational, efficent and practical approach to diagnosis (Dr Abhijit Chaudhuri, Essex Centre for Neurosciencies)

ME in children and adolescents: the patient's persoective (Miss Shannen Dabson)

Addressing the educational impact of ME (Hardip Begol, Department for Children, Schools and Families)

Treatment: the patient's perspective (Ms Annette Barclay)

Treatment: evidence-based and pragmatic approaches (Professor Anthony Pinching, Peninsula Medical School, Truro)

Research: what do patients want and why isn't it happening? (Dr Neil Abbot, ME Research UK)

ME: a research orphan for too long (Professor Stephen Holgate, University of Southampton).

There will be a panel discussion to include the speakers and Dr Nigel Speight, a paediatrician with wide experience of treating children and adolescents with ME/CFS. Dr Speight is a medical adviser to both the Young ME Sufferers Trust and The ME Association.

There will be welcoming addresses from Dr David Misselbrook, dean at the Royal Society of Medicine, and Jane Colby, executive director of the Young ME Sufferers Trust.

The afternoon will then be divided into three sessions, each chaired separately. Dr Charles Shepherd, medical adviser to The ME Association, will chair the first session; Sir Peter Spencer, chief executive of Action for ME will chair the second; Dr David Misselbrook, dean at the Royal Society of Medicine, will chair the panel discussion. There will be closing remarks by Mary-Jane Willows, chief executive of AYME, and Simon Lawrence, chairman of The 25% ME Group.

Readers of ME Essential, the ME Association's quarterly magazine, will find a full programme and booking information for the meeting in the magazine which was posted out today (May 6).

Details of the event are also held on the Royal Society of Medicine's website. Click here to find them.


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