Post-mortem research: visit to the MRC Brain Banks in Edinburgh

May 26, 2009

As part of the information gathering process in relation to establishing a UK post-mortem and tissue bank for ME/CFS research, Dr Charles Shepherd visited the Medical Research Council's Brain Banks in Edinburgh last week – where he met with Dr Colin Smith and Professor James Ironside.

The Edinburgh Brain Banks currently collect, store and provide tissue to researchers who are looking at a number of diseases – in particular HIV/AIDs (where tissue in addition to brain and nervous system is collected) and CJD.
Dr Shepherd and Tony Britton will both be attending the Invest in ME Conference on Friday this week where they will have an information leaflet that summarises the current state of affairs regarding the establishment of a UK brain and tissue bank for ME/CFS research.  Dr Shepherd and Tony Britton will also be very happy to talk to anyone who is interested in this aspect of research during breaks at the meeting.
Fundraising information for the MEA tissue bank initiative can be found at: – you can donate money via a link on the MEA charity page on this site or via the ‘Just Four Quid' appeal here on the MEA website.
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