Aberdeen-Adelaide cyclist Eric Smart reaches Thailand

May 7, 2009

Eric Smart, the ME Association's fundraising ambassador-on-a-bike, is now just over a year into his travels. Three days ago, he blogged that he was in Calcutta in the east of India, waiting to catch a plane to Thailand.

He has been travelling for 369 days since leaving Aberdeen in Scotland in May last year – with the aim of reaching Adelaide in south Australia in about 18 months.

It took Eric nine weeks to cross India after leaving Lahore in Pakistan and then travelling through the northern states of India to Calcutta. He's been a bit spare about reporting publicly on his route through India, other than laying down the briefest of markers when he has reached Amritsar, Delhi and Varanasi.

And, although he hasn't mentioned it on his blog, he appears to have avoided cycling through Bangladesh and Burma because the borders of Burma have been closed to outsiders for years.

But this week he has managed to catch up with stories of his travels through Turkey and Georgia – only a few months behind where he actually is. Eric has a good, fluid writing style and his yarns are worth reading, though a little belated!

To read his blog, click here

To donate through his online fundraising page, please click here.  So far he has raised well over £7.000 for the ME Association.

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