A week of ‘happy ignorance’ at the Just Four Quid campaign

May 26, 2009

The ‘Just Four Quid' appeal which aims over the course of a year to raise £1m for biomedical research into ME/CFS has declared this as "The Week of Happy Ignorance".

Last week, the appeal flagged up a large number of ways in which people can save money on household bills. This week, their website suggests folk take a holiday from all the troubles of the world by not buying papers and even avoiding the news on radio, TV and the internet.

The organiser writes in her latest blog:

"Quite a few people think that we see too much news. Journalist John Naish, in his book “Enough”, is one of them. He thinks that in these days of 24-hour rolling news, we get a distorted idea of the world through seeing the same footage of the latest horrors over and over again. With the same images played repeatedly, we get the idea that the world is much worse than it actually is; we forget that it’s “news” because it’s rare.

"We also, he believes, forget that it’s not local; much of what we see on our TV news is happening thousands of miles away but our primitive brains – wired to understand what’s going on within our Neolithic ancestors’ walking range – doesn’t really register this and feels it has to keep watching the news for more details of this “local and imminent” threat.

"Some psychologists feel that the stress that arises from the news is so great that we shouldn’t watch more than 30 minutes a day, in order to avoid anxiety-related depression. For me, part of the “holidayness” of any holiday is that I don’t read the paper and don’t watch the news, so I can believe there’s something in this."

So how about adding "stress-buster" to the recession-busting elements of JFQ  and tip any savings made from not buying the papers this week into the JFQ Appeal which benefits The ME Association's Ramsay Research Fund and ME Research UK.

For more information about the Just Four Quid appeal, please click here.


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