Edinburgh MP flags up ME Essential story on his blog

April 13, 2009

Edinburgh West MP John Barrett has highlighted a story from our quarterly ME Essential magazine on his blog, saying: "For most of us, ME and the experience of those who suffer from it is hard to understand, but this description, by Rachel Miles, which was given to me by a friend today, opened my eyes."

In the Spring 2009 issue, Rachel compared her illness to living with an abusive and unpredictable partner.

She wrote: "ME is a hugely complicated illness, and like abusive people, each form has its own tricks and tortures. It lets you appear capable and healthy, but inside you're constantly physically and mentally exhausted. Remember, next time you see a sufferer, that in energy terms, he or she may have just climbed a mountain. But all they've done is sat and smiled at you. That's what ME does. It fools the body into thinking that it's just run a marathon, climbed a mountain, built a house, gone a week without sleep, but all it's actually done is made lunch."

On his blog for April 2, Mr Barrett added: "Often the first hand experience of one individual can remain in the mind long after the national statistics on any issue have started to fade. I can feel another campaign coming on."

To read Rachel's full story on Mr Barrett's blog, please click here

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