Amazon explorer makes the front cover of ‘Geographical’ magazine

April 28, 2009


Ed Stafford, who is a year into his epic walk from the source to the mouth of the River Amazon, appears on the front cover of the latest issue of the magazine of the Royal Geographical magazine.

Ed, who is recording his experiences in a regular blog at his website, is walking for five charities – including The ME Association's Tissue Bank Project.

In the magazine, he writes: "There are probably more than 1,000 river crossings over the course of this expedition. At the river’s mouth, some of these crossings will be more than 16 kilometres wide.

"My personal solution has been inflatable pack-rafts with travel paddles. They are the size of a roll mat when deflated. Without them, this expedition would not be possible. It means that when we reach water, we inflate them in less than two minutes, attach our packs to the front, and paddle across."

The full article can be downloaded at his website.

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