Great new leaflets, a novel, and a useful trinket, on our new Order Form

October 15, 2008

A big package of new or revised leaflets, a brilliant first novel by someone with ME and a Christmas stocking filler take pride of place on The ME Association's latest MEA Order Form (click here for a downloadable pdf).

  1. There's a huge demand for information about dentistry and its effects on people with ME/CFS – now satisfied with a brand new leaflet called "Dental Care – Your Questions Answered" by dental surgeon Dr Richard Cantillon, who has become our new dental adviser.
  2. Are you finding that your attempts to get help from your local Social Services department are rather like trying to squeeze blood out of stone? Well, it needn't necessarily be so – as Cathy Stillman-Lowe explains in another new leaflet called "Getting Help from Social Services". Cathy's got in mind both people with ME and their carers.
  3. "Depression and Antidepressants" is the big subject covered by MEA medical adviser Dr Charles Shepherd, in his latest Management File. In this leaflet, Dr Shepherd discusses when antidepressants might be appropriate for people with ME, the need for careful medical management and explains the different types.

We've also updated our free leaflet on how to find your neighbourhood specialist NHS services for people with ME/CFS – if you live in England that is.  But there's no real need to order this by post as you can read the same information on this website by clicking here (NHS Services information).

We're offering Nasim Marie Jafry's brilliant debut novel "The State of Me", which our reviewer says is "absolutely word perfect on neurological ME". Jafry, who lives in Edinburgh, has produced a really serious and inspirational piece of story-telling.

And the Christmas stocking-filler?  It's our new MEA trolley coin – which will look a treat on your key ring.

  • Readers of our quarterly ME Essential magazine please note that Cathy Stillman-Lowe's leaflet on Getting Help From Social Services will appear as an article in the next issue – as will Dr Shepherd's Management File on Depression and Antidepressants. And the major Dental Care leaflet by Dr Richard Cantillon will appear in the January issue of ME Essential.






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