Amazon explorer reaches the quarter-way mark

October 13, 2008

After six months trekking in the desert and hacking through jungle, explorer Ed Stafford has now reached the quarter-way mark in his 4,000-mile quest to become the first man to walk without a break from the source to the mouth of the mighty River Amazon.

He’s just spent a week in the company of British book writer Mark Barrowcliffe, who will be producing a piece for The Guardian.

Ed, who lists The ME  Association (in particular our Tissue Bank Project) as one of the six British and South American charities that he is supporting through sponsorship, now reckons it will take him another year and eight months to reach journey’s end in Brazil.

“I’ve revised my time-line based on the month’s experiences and I now forecast that the whole expedition will take me 26 months. Over two years of walking. Which means that the finishing party is looking like being in May or June 2010….”, he writes in his latest blog.

“The good news is that I’ve passed a landmark in terms of time. I’ve now been walking for six months and eight days which is 25% of the new predicted expedition duration. England seems another life in some ways and in others it seems like yesterday I was trying to round up people to come to the leaving party on the Thames.”

It’s now been three months since his original trekking partner Luke Collyer quit the expedition to return home to the UK. Since then, the former British Army captain and son of MEA trustee Ba Stafford has had to rely for company on local guides.

To catch up on his epic walk, read Ed’s blog at his website, where you can also subscribe to have the blog sent regularly to your computer.

To read the verbatim notes of an email interview that Ed had with the Leicester Mercury – conducted soon after Luke’s departure – click here.

To donate to the ME Association’s Tissue Bank Project, please click here.

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