Unofficial wesite for the NICE Guideline Judicial Review

September 19, 2008

Experiences from people with ME/CFS who have been offered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and/or Graded Exercise Therapy since the NICE Guideline on ME/CFS was published in August 2007 are wanted by a new website launched today to support the the Judicial Review – which is expected to take place over three days in October or November. 

The website – in association with the 25% Group for severe ME sufferers – also wants to hear from:

  • People who have been refused other possibly helpful interventions to ease their ME/CFS symptoms since August 2007.
  • People whose condition has been made worse since receiving CBT/GET since August 2007.

A statement from the 25% Group carried on the website says: "A long statement will probably not be required, so any information you are able to give to help with this case will be greatly appreciated. We require this information as soon as possible as the deadline is extremely tight'.

The website also carries other information about other activity planned in support of the promoters of the Judicial Review, who we are told are extremely busy preparing their case at the moment.


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