MEA ‘How do you cope?’ survey is now closed

September 1, 2008

Our ‘How do you cope?' survey is now closed. A total of 2,400 people completed the survey on online while paper copies of the survey are now being loaded on to the system.

Over 700 paper copies – circulated with the July issue of our ME Essential quarterly magazine – have been submitted by ME Association members who, for various reasons, do not have ready access to the internet. So far 175 have been loaded up.

The survey is the biggest-ever of its type into what therapeutic management programmes work best for people with ME/CFS, and those that don't work so well.

The results will be fed into a report to be published later this year which will attempt to plug the therapeutic ‘black hole' left in the NICE Guideline on ME/CFS – with its almost exclusive focus on unsatisfactory cognitive behaviour therapy and graded exercise programmes for people with ME/CFS.

The ME Association thanks all those who took part in the survey, which required a considerable expenditure of time, effort and energy by all participants.

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