Dr Charles Shepherd to speak at Italian ME/CFS Congress

September 24, 2008

ME Association medical adviser Dr Charles Shepherd is to speak at an international conference on ME/CFS in Italy on Friday. Another British participant will be the epidemiologist, Dr Derek Pheby, who heads up the UK National Research Observatory on ME/CFS. The conference has been organised by University of Pavia immunologist Dr Lorenzo Lorusso. Details of programme below:


The second International meeting on asthenia and chronic fatigue syndrome

Fatigue: disease or symptom?

Clinical significance and social impact


Belloni Giovanni, Pavia – Iannello GianCarlo, Pavia

08.30 Authority greeting

09.00 Definition and types of asthenia

Ricevuti Giovanni, Pavia

09.15 Asthenia in general practice medicine

Coronelli Maurizio, Pavia

09.30 Asthenia in infectious diseases

Pizzigallo Eligio, Chieti

09.45 Asthenia related with tumours

Tirelli Umberto, Aviano

10.00  Tools of  evaluation for  asthenia

Piccolo Giovanni, Pavia

10.15 Coffee break


Lorusso Lorenzo, Pavia – Ricevuti Giovanni, Pavia

11.00 Elderly:  how to  recognize the  "pathological" asthenia

Bottini Gabriella, Pavia

11.15 Role and experience of health operators in management of asthenia

Ripa Paola,Milano

11.30 Physical exercise in the multidisciplinary treatment of CFS

Jurisic H. Daniela, Pavia

11.45 Legal medicine problems

Avato Francesco Maria, Pavia

12.00 Immunological and immunogentic markers in the CFS

Cuccia Mariaclara / Capelli Enrica, Pavia

12.15 CFS/ME patients in Italy: current situation and future prospects

Beretta Roberta, Associazione malati CFS

12.30 Pain, telling, medicine. Antropological analysis of chronic fatigue syndrome

Nania Walter, Bologna

12.45 Lunch

CFS/ME in Europe: experience and prospects


Pheby Derek, Hull/ Pizzigallo Eligio, Chieti/ Tirelli Umberto, Aviano

14.00 Epidemiological data on CFS in Europe

Pheby Derek, Hull, UK

14.15  ME/CFS in the UK: the role of patient support charities in providing information, funding research and campaigning for clinical services

Charles Shepherd, ME Association, UK

14.30 European  network on CFS/ME: limits and possibilities

Lacerda Eliana, London, UK

14.45 CFS/ME in South America

Nacul Luis, London, UK

15.00 Approach to chronic fatigue syndrome in Belgium: clinical care and research

Greta Moorkens, Antwerp, Belgiu

15.15 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Spain

Antoni Fernandez Sola, Barcelona, Spain

15.30 Chronic fatigue syndrome in Latvia: association with HHV-6 and HHV-7 infection

Murovska Modra, Riga, Latvia

15.45 New prospective therapies for CFS

Vermeleuen Ruud, Amsterdam, The Netherland

16.00 Final discussion and CME evaluation

Comitato scientifico/ Scientific commette:

Lorusso L, Ricevuti G, Tirelli U, Piccolo G, Pizzigallo E.


The choice of the theme of this meeting is based on demand to study, with national and international experts, an argument of great interest within clinical activity and with wide social impact. The aim is to give practical guide lines on asthenia and chronic fatigue syndromes in clinical routine and to find a solution to reduce the social discomforts too.


ASL Pavia

Associazione Italiana CFS di Aviano

Associazione Malati CFS-Onlus di Pavia

ASP Pavia

Collegio degli Infermieri di Pavia

Fondazione BIRDS "Mauro Baschirotto", Costozza di Longare (Vicenza)

Istituto Neurologico "Casimiro Mondino", Pavia

Ordine dei Medici-Chirurghi di Pavia

Provincia di Pavia

Società Italiana di Geontologia e Geriatria

Università degli Studi di Pavia

Università degli Studi di Chieti


Further information (in Italian) here

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