‘The Chilllow’, special offer in Eczema Week

August 30, 2008

Chillow, the personal cooling pad that can help soothe the intense itching of eczema, is offering a special ‘buy one, get one half price’ offer on all Chillow personal cooling pads bought during National Eczema Week (13-21 September 2008). [MEA note: This product can also help people with ME/CFS who suffer regular night sweats.]

Chillow helps to soothe the worst of the night-time itching and can allows eczema sufferers rediscover restful sleep. Totally non-invasive, Chillow can be placed directly on to affected parts of the body to provide instant cool relief. The pad is just 2cm thick and can flex to wrap right around a limb for greatest effect.

The science

Inside the medical grade, hypoallergenic, latex-free cover is a patented foam core. An exact amount of ordinary tap water is carefully poured into the valve and is totally absorbed by the core. When all the air is gently expelled from the pad to create a vacuum, the water within the pad cools. No refrigeration is required; the Chillow is always ready to use, soft, dry and comfortable.

Chillow soothes the agony of eczema for Marcus Marcus Roberts is a typical 11-year old boy – except that he suffers from agonising eczema all over his body. “It’s really frustrating,” says Marcus. “I get really itchy and hot at night and I can’t sleep properly. It is very bad in the places where my skin creases, and sometimes it is so bad that I can’t walk properly.”

The family discovered Chillow around 18 months ago. They were looking for a product specifically to help Marcus at night and Chillow offered much-needed relief.

The first time Marcus used the Chillow in bed, he found it great for placing directly on the itchy areas and slept better than he had in many months. He now keeps it at the foot of his bed every night and as soon as the itching starts, wraps the Chillow around the affected area. “It soothes the itching, relaxes me and I can get back to sleep,” says Marcus.

He has recently started using Chillow Plus, a new product in the Chillow range which allows greater flexibility of use. He can wrap the Chillow Plus more easily around his limbs and, if necessary, fix it in place with Velcro fastenings. Chillow Plus is very easy to clean, protecting Marcus from potential infection.

Mum Sue is delighted to have discovered Chillow. “It really has helped Marcus, and we all sleep better, thanks to Chillow.”

Special Eczema Week Offer

During National Eczema Week (15-21 September 2008), Soothsoft, the UK distributor of the Chillow, is offering a special ‘buy one, get one half price’ deal on all Chillows. Simply visit the website www.chillow.co.uk, or call the order line on 08700 117 174, quoting reference EX1.

Product range

There are three products in the Chillow range. The original Chillow is available for £24.95 + £2.95p&p.

Chillow Plus is a doubled-sided personal cooling pad that uses the same Soothsoft technology as the original Chillow. A new hydro-soothe membrane on the back allows double-sided cooling, while the improved inner core improves heat dissipation. It also comes with optional rubber feet and Velcro fixings. Price £39.95 + £2.95p&p.

The Mini Chillow is ideal for travel. It can also be kept in the fridge as a first aid compress to soothe bumps, burns, grazes and headaches. The Mini Chillow costs £19.95 plus £2.95 p&p.

Chillow products are available from Soothsoft Ltd, tel. 08700 117174 or www.chillow.co.uk – all with a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.

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