Physically fit volunteers wanted for ME brain study in London

July 24, 2008

Calling all physically fit carers, friends and relatives of ME patients. Your help is very urgently needed and may be of great assistance to the UK ME community.

Professor Basant Puri urgently needs 10 PHYSICALLY FIT individuals between the ages of 18 to 55 to contact him concerning participation in his current ME/CFS biomedical brain studies on ME/CFS patients.

These individuals will act as healthy ‘control-subjects' in his study and must not have ME/CFS or have had any major illness. They will attend Hammersmith Hospital on ONE of two dates in London (Sunday 3 August OR Sunday 10 August 2008) for MRI brain-imaging, cognitive function tests and an EEG.

Candidates must not have any metal implants in their body in order to go through the MRI scanner: most dental work is safe in this respect but needs to be mentioned to Professor Puri to be verified. Participants who have worked with grinding metals/sparks must also mention this. There is also space for one more properly diagnosed ME patient to participate in the study on one of these dates.

Participants will need to fund their own travel costs but there is ample parking available in the Hammersmith Hospital car park. Please do NOT contact me about this matter but please do contact Professor Puri direct as soon as you can for full details if you can help/participate. His email

address is:

It is very important for the ME community that this work is completed as soon as possible and that these study slots are filled. PLEASE HELP. Treat yourself to an interesting trip to London in aid of a good cause!

Many thanks indeed.

Kev Short.

Anglia ME Action.


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