Adam Findlay and his MedicAlert sport band

May 21, 2008

Adam Findlay

Adam Findlay, aged 16, from the Weston-super-Mare was your average teenager, playing for his local and school rugby team and socialising with friends until, at the tender age of 13 he was struck down with ME. Suddenly his life changed.

Adam’s overwhelming tiredness, constant dizziness and memory loss meant he was unable to go to school and simple tasks such as making his breakfast became too difficult. 

After discovering that Adam had diabetes during infancy, his mother registered him with The MedicAlert Foundation so that his medical conditions could be tracked.

The MedicAlert Foundation is the only non-profit making, registered charity that provides a vital life-saving service in the form of emblems for children and adults with hidden medical conditions. 

Each of Adam’s medical conditions are engraved on his sports band so that, should there be an emergency, paramedics can quote Adam’s membership number over the 24-hour emergency telephone to find out more information including medication, doctor, and next of kin. 

Members details can be accessed from anywhere in the world in over a 100 languages.

In recent months Adam’s condition has been linked to hypothyroidism which has meant he has been prescribed the correct medication and – in just the last six months – his progression has been phenomenal.  Adam is becoming increasingly independent, pursuing hobbies such as mountain biking and he is looking forward to attending college in September.

His mother Carole values the MedicAlert service more so now that Adam has regained his independence.

Carole  said: “I consider Adam’s membership to MedicAlert as one the best investments I have made. As Adam is becoming more independent I am more reliant on MedicAlert – I cannot be with him all the time but I know that his Emblem can”.

For more information about becoming a member of MedicAlert, please call Tel. 0800 581 420 or visit Medic Alert

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