‘Magistrate’ magazine and the Youth Justice Board – reply from YJB

February 29, 2008

The chairman of the Youth Justice Board has responded positively to our complaint that an inaccurate classification of ME/CFS as a mental health disorder in one of their publications resulted in a potentially "disastrous" article appearing in ‘Magistrate' magazine.

In a letter received today, YJB chair Frances Done writes:

Key Elements of Effective Practice – Mental Health

Thank you for your email regarding the Magistrate magazine’s article ‘Offenders or victims?’ that reproduced some of the content from the above publication of ours. The document referred to was published in 2003 and will shortly be replaced with a new updated version in the next few months which will not include this information.

As regards the article itself, we will contact the magazine and ask them to include a correction of the information of ours that they reproduced.  Thank you for drawing this to my attention.

The ME Association originally complained to Frances Dove earlier this month.

Our complaint

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