Help wanted with NUS survey into disabled student participation in FE

February 2, 2008

We have received the following request for help from the National Union of Students.  If you can help, please email Kathleen Grehan.

I am contacting you regarding collecting information on disabled students' participation in Further Education (FE). My name is Kathleen Grehan, I am a Deaf sign language user and I work for the National Union of Students (NUS) as the Liberation Research and Development Officer with a focus on disabled students.

NUS wants to campaign for improved participation of disabled students/learners' in FE and wants to collect evidence on factors affecting their participation.   There will be two parts to our research project – the first stage is to collect information for an NUS literature review and the second is to identify disabled students/learners  and create a number of case studies that will be undertaken in October 2008.

I am looking for any information on disabled people who might have had difficulties either enrolling in FE or have been forced to withdraw from their chosen course of study for various reasons, including:

  • a lack of accommodation and of expertise
  • access to building, equipment and information
  • financial issues and other support
  • staff attitudes
  • lack of information from schools relating to transition
  • lack of co-ordinated support at the crucial stage in school
  • lower qualifications at ages 16-19
  • low self esteem/emotional reasons

If you have any research projects or briefings you feel are relevant to the above, I would be grateful if you could let me know where to source them in order that I can include them in the NUS literature review or send any relevant material.  Additionally, if you are aware of anyone who may be interested in sharing his/her experiences with me, I would be grateful if you could ask them to contact me.

If you wish to discuss this matter further, please email me.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes

Kathleen Grehan

Liberation Development & Research Officer

National Union of Students (NUS)

2nd Floor/Centro 3

19 Mandela Street


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